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My Story

A life spent pursuing the arts and studying the wonders of life have culminated in a devotion to photography. This is the reason where faith, reason, curiosity, expression and wonder all intersect.

I spent my childhood and early adolescence fostering a total devotion to illustration. From early grade school I just "knew" that I would be an artist when I grew up. As time passed I added more and varied medium to my methods of expression. Graphic design and music have laid a strong foundation in the reliance of expression on a mastery of craft.

My early adulthood was a period of struggle with finding my place in the world. I studies history in college and became deeply interested in philosophy. Like many, I came lost, stumbling through life. Why am I here? What does this all mean? I became so focused on my own radical intellectualism that I had closed off my mind from Truth, my soul from Goodness and my heart from Beauty. I could not see Light. Only darkness.

In a moment of humility, I was given the chance to see the world with fresh eyes and I returned to the rich intellectual, aesthetic and literary tradition the Catholic faith. The Church guided me to a greater understanding of Truth. With a renewed heart and soul I could see Beauty as never before. This was the point in which photography became the primary form of artistic expression in my life.

For the first time I could see the beauty of the every day. The wonder of the subtle. The grace of the common. All that I had learned in art and in philosophy came together when the subject was the wonder of creation. Photography is the expression of the Beauty of life. My role is to present a view of it that others may have missed and to remind others of the beauty that is around us every day.


Dominus Illuminatio Mea

106 pages

Essays on Beauty & Faith

Original Prayers

81 Black & White Photos

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