Dominus Illuminatio Mea - An Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Dominus Illuminatio Mea is now available in print through Blurb!

We've reached the end of the Kickstarter campaign to fund Dominus Illuminatio Mea. First off, a HUGE thank you to everyone for the support throughout this process. The number of people who have helped spread the word about this project has been humbling and it has been an amazing process to make so many new connections. Even more I want to thank everyone who pledged to financially back this project. Every time I received notification that there was a new backer on Kickstarter Adri and I had a little celebration. You are all in our prayers. Thank you!

When we were launching Dominus Illuminatio Mea, I left it all in the hands of St. Joseph. Under his guidance I knew that everything would work out in the manner that would bring the most good. With the Kickstarter over and our, admittingly lofty, goal not quite being reached printing has shifted to a different method. Rather than investing in publishing a large run of books, Dominus Illuminatio Mea has moved to a "print on demand" publication. The original intention was to print 500 copies of the book which would sit in the garage in boxes until we sold all of them. The upside to this would have been the tighter control of price and quality. The downside would have been the sheer magnitude of books sitting waiting to be sold. I still have a small handful of A Portrait of San Francisco books from 2014 so I know the risk in perpetual storage. With print on demand, each copy is created to order and shipped directly from the printer to your door. We don't have to evict Adri's car from the garage!

Dominus Illuminatio Mea can now be purchased HERE from Blurb. Thank you again for all of the love, encouragement and support!

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