The Feast of St. Joseph

Welcome to the new home of Restoration of Beauty. This project has been a long time coming!

Nearly 11 years ago now, I had a VERY intense reconversion. Since that time I have been committed to restoring a sense of beauty and wonder in the world. I'll share the full story of that pivotal change shortly (May 4th to be exact so stay tuned).

St. Joseph has always been the patriarch of my family. When Adri and I were search for our first home, St. Joseph led us. When I was in need of a job, St. Joseph led us. In fact, both of those were at the same time! Before getting married, Adri and I lived about 100 miles apart. We figured that after getting married it would be nice to live in the same town! That meant I needed a new career as well as a new home. Through intercession to St. Joseph, both were solved perfectly. In times of trouble we always rely on him!

Recently, work has been difficult for me. Really difficult. The tug on my heart to launch the projects that had been on the back burner was pulling harder as work became more and more frustrating. I started a 30 day novena to St. Joseph for help.

On day 31 I was laid off!

What an amazing answer! My family now has the opportunity to trust fully in St. Joseph's guidance and God's providence. Since the end of January, we had our second daughter, I lost my job and now we are quarantined in our home. I am not sure how everything will work. Really, I try not to think about it (because it's all pretty crazy). I have complete confidence in our guide. St. Joseph will lead us to safety the same way he led Jesus and Mary to Egypt. It's good to remember that he did not know the plan in that journey either. He just knew that he needed to go. Immediately. Without preparation. He traveled by faith. We will do the same.

St. Joseph guide us!

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