5x7 Print from Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel, CA with the prayer, "Lord be my Light" on the back.


We wanted to make this print available as affordably as possible so that you can share hope and faith with anyone who may need in during these difficult times.  If you purchase more than one card and would like them sent directly to a friend or loved one, just let us know.  If sending to multiple locations, enter all of the addresses below.  We'll confirm with you before posting.


Lord Be My Light

When darkness is all I see

Be my light.


When I am lost and cannot find the way

Be my light.


When I feel alone and abandoned

Be my light.


When my soul grows cold and empty

Be my light.


When all hope seems lost

Be my light.


O' Blessed Lord, just the faintest flicker of Your Grace, as that of a humble candle, will enliven my soul.


That I may walk through darkness

Be my light.


That the path may be illuminated

Be my light.


That I may walk through it with faith

Be my light.


Though I feel your presence though I see you not

Be my light.


The may soul sings and love is kindled

Be my light.


That I walk in confidence in You with the faith that, though I may not see the path, You know the way and will guide me.

Be my light.


Lord, you are the Light of the world. When all seems dark and my soul feels cold and abandoned may Your Light warm and illuminate me.


In my sorrows may I be ever unified to Your Holy Cross. With each pang of sorrow may I recall the hammering of the nails into your hands and feet. Hands that heal. Hands that bring life. Hands that hold up the world. Hands pierced with nails for love of me.


In abandonment, fear and loneliness may I be ever unified to Your Holy Cross. You, the giver of life, were left abandoned, hanging on the cross. With arms outstretched you await our embrace but we turn our backs. You gave all for us yet we, in our sinfulness ask more. You, Creator of all, humbled Yourself to be as one of us. To be one of Your creation to off the ultimate example of love: the Cross. To suffer torment and persecution though you were without sin so that we have have the life abundant. Yet still, we turn our backs.


O' Lord, be my light. Illuminate my soul. Let your cross bring me peace and joy through my darkness. May I always be reminded that I will never walk alone as long as I run to your outstretched arms, nailed to the cross of salvation. Nailed and waiting. Waiting for our embrace.


O' Lord be my light that I may I embrace the cross and You with it.



This print appears in the new book Dominus Illuminatio Mea, and all funds raised will be put towards the cost of publishing.

Lord be my Light Print & Prayer Card




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